When Mortality Meets Creativity.

The skull is an icon of mortality.  To see a skull means death, evil, something weird or spooky.   My aim is to change that perception through my skulls.  The skull protects the brain.  It's what keeps us thinking, questioning, loving.   My passion to create is poured into every piece.  I form an understanding with the skulls I am working on, they all have a story to tell.

Every piece is cast from a human specimen, sculpted, then finished to a bespoke theme.  Popular culture, music icons, nature and the mortality rites of other cultures, all inspire my creations.  These items take hours to create, made to be loved and enjoyed for years to  come.  Click the pictures for purchase details.

Since The Skull Lady has evolved, so have the crafts and items on offer.  Why not visit the Facebook or Etsy shops?  


Inspired by the ancient Chinese ritual of placing
a 'pillow' of feathers around the deceased's head at the time of burial.   


My interpretation of the spectrum of colour, that exist at that special time of day before the Autumn sun fades..

Dark Valentine

Love, passion, lust, desire, encompassed in an explosion of red and gold.  Visit the 'video' section to see this skull in all it's glory.

A Lad Insane

The Skull Lady tribute to a cultural icon.  


Old leather that has been loved and cared for has a patina that is hard to create.  Here is my take on that deep tobacco and honey hue that is so inviting.


It takes quite a bit to make me emotional, but the death of Prince was one of those times.  My tribute to an amazing man.


She was a woman of high-status, ruling a tribe who knew she was on a journey, death was not the end.


My tribute to the deep sky beyond our vision.


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